Monday, June 1, 2009

The Museum of Glass

One of Tacoma's features
is the Museum of Glass

It features exhibition space,
a gift shop and cafe,
underground parking,
a plaza on the waterside
that has a lovely reflecting pool,

and the big draw for visitors:
The Hot Shop
with an auditorium and glass furnace
(hint: it's the cone-shaped structure)

where you can watch artists-in-residence
create gorgeous works of art in glass.


Shadow said...

That's a really amazing building! Welcome to the CDP community, glad you're here!

Hilda said...

The museum sounds wonderful, and it looks it too! I love the cone!

Welcome to the CDPB community! Happy photoblogging!

Jacob said...

Hey, Meri! This is an incredible place...I have not heard of it before, and would love to see it in person some time...maybe I can talk Lois into a trip up Tacoma way...

Have a great weekend!