Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Chihuly Bit

Famous glass artist
Dale Chihuly
is Tacoma's native son.

"Spirals" copyright 2009 Meri Arnett-Kremian

Here's a closeup of one of his pieces
on public display
in a location where people stroll everyday
and many walk by without even noticing.


Nathalie said...

This is gorgeous, I wish you'd show us more!

JC said...

Let me quess ~ he has things in the skywalk and in the court house area ... I will quess it's the skywalk.

Did he also do some of the things on the freeway ?

joyce said...

What a wonderful picture! Intentional blur of colours.

Sharon said...

Beautiful! I love his work. We have been blessed with a wonderful show at our Desert Botanical Gardens called Chihuly: The Nature of Glass. It lasted from November 2008 through May 30th. I hated to see it go. I must have gone at least 8 times.

Sharon (Phoenix Daily Photo)

Webster said...

That reminds me - I should get out more.
Very pretty, Thanks.

Jilly said...

Ah, I didn't realise he was a native of Tacoma. Such talent.