Friday, June 19, 2009

Federal Courthouse

At the front entrance of the
Federal Courthouse

you'll find this bronze work -
a lawyer with his briefcase and sachel.

In the middle of Pacific Avenue,
right in front of where the statue stands
there's an electric tram that runs through the downtown area.

It's as if he's waiting for a ride.


Steffe said...

Definitely so as he has two bags with him. I like this sculpture.

Bob Crowe said...

Yeah, we saw this when were in Tacoma last summer. As a lawyer, I picked it right up. (Well, not really.) We very much enjoyed the nearby glass museum and Washington State Museum. The latter had a touring show of Pulitzer Prize winning photographs that was fabulous. Got a couple of good pix that day, like this one:

Hadn't been by your blog before - there are so many now! I'll be checking back.