Saturday, March 27, 2010

Metal Work

Fancy design.

Building art.


georgia b. said...

this is beautiful, meri!

have you seen austin daily photo blog? there is a link to it in my blog roll.

i need to come here more often. i forget you have this blog. although i have not done much blog surfing lately, i will still add this to my blog roll so i am reminded to check it out from time to time. i only happened to see it today, because it came up under recent posts on my dashboard.

hope all is well.

Sarah said...

Dear Meri,
Thank you for your comment on my blog. I could not understand what was the problem for linking but I try to Update the blog tomorrow...

The Gathering Place said...

You have some interesting photos of Tacoma. My son lived there for two years and we did visit. We enjoyed the bridge of glass. It was amazing.

Hilda said...

If I had a little train toy, I wouldn't be able to resist running it through this. ;)