Thursday, October 29, 2009

We're Not in Kansas Anymore (or Tacoma either)

Oops. How did this get in here?

Just wanted to say
that I'm back from Egypt
with a souvenir that I hadn't intended to bring home
(a nasty cold).


Don and Krise said...

Sorry to hear that. Welcome home though. May I assume you have lots of wonderful photos to share with us over the coming days?

Sharon said...

I saw this in the tumbnail shots and said to my self, "that can't be Tacoma". I hope you had a nice trip. I'd love to go to Egypt sometime.

Hilda said...

Like Sharon, I was mighty intrigued by the thumbnail! ;)

Sorry to hear about the cold, but I hope you had a wonderful and interesting time in Egypt! This is a wonderful shot of the Sphinx and great pyramid!

BaysideLife said...

Welcome home and a speedy recovery from that nasty cold. I envy your trip to Egypt and look forward to your photographs from there. Amazing how much detail remains on the Sphinx when you consider how long it's been in the landscape.